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Hilde Gustava Ovesen


2013-2015 Medi 3, Hamar, seperate

2015 CC Stadion, seperate

2014- 2015 Skraastad gård og gartneri, seperate

2014 Stange kunstforening, Grevskapet

2013 -2014Kønnbandfestivalen , seperate

2012 Hamar Kreftforening

2013 All you need is love…?, Galleri Gustava, seperate

2012 Adam og Eva, seperate

2012 Sliema, seperate

2011 Hilton , St.Julian,, seperate

2011 Vang Library , Vang

2010 "BRIDGES", with Marion Henke, Gallery Hamar and Benarrabà,

2010 Enger Gallery, joint exhibition with Jon Olav Helle, Inge Iversen and Enger.

2010 Cultural Rucksack, Sandefjord

2009 Sandefjord Art Association, joint exhibition

2009 The Norwegian Railway Museum, (

2008 Festival Artists, Under Bridge Festival 1908

2008 Norwegian Railway mueum,

2008, 2009 , 2010 Stoppested Verden (

2008 NVE, International Division

2007 Hamar Art Gallery

2007 Norwegian Jernabanemueum, Stoppested World

2007 Festival Artists, Under the Bridge Festival 2007

2007 Hervold Gallery, Spring Exhibition

2007 Old Town Hall, Hamar

2007 "snowmen of Climate Change", installation, Beach Street Park and City Hall in Hamar

2006 Gallery Hervold. Christmas Exhibition

2006 Gallery Hervold. Summer Exhibition

2005 Gallery Hege, Oslo

2005 Hamar Art

2004 Hamar Art

2004 Industrial Klevfoss

2002-2005 Div small exhibitions

Institutions / large companies invested in their collections:

Stange Cultural department

Eidsiva energi AS

Hamar kommune

Stange kommune

Barefeet AS

Richard Churchill co, England

Elina Krantz, Stand Up Norway AS

Smedvig Eiendom AS

Norsk Tipping AS, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011

Hamar kunstforening,  Art Museum and Gallery

Apriori AS

Wembay co.

Stoppested verden, Internationa Cultural festival,  2011

Art Instructions / art projects

2015 STREET ACTIVISM Cultural Rucksack, National Cultural program, high school, Stange kommune

2015 Love Tree Art, National BuDir supported Youth project

2015 div paint classes , companies and private

2014 Exhibition Kønnband Festivalen 2014

2014 Love Tree Art, 150 trees decorating The City of Stange

2014 Barnas dag, Norwegian Railway Museum

2008-2015 div paint classes , companies, muncipalities and private

2008-2015 div art and cultural events, companies, muncipalities and private

2013 Exhibition, Sliema, Malta

2013 LoveStreetArt, Norway 2013 , cooperation with Lorelle Miller, immigrants and local youth.

2011-2013 Cultural Rucksack, Stange commune, Creative Mix

2013 Designing Cultural Price Diploma for Stange Cultural Department, 2013

2011- Art Building Project, , Malta, Main Art Designer/ Art Manager

2012-2013 The Cultural Rucksack, Stange SFO

2012 Cataloging  and restoration of  Harald Trættebergs aquvareles, Løten kommune

2012 “All you need is love…?”, crossover art show , December 2012

2011 -2012 Art coordinator , International Aquapainters  Exhibition, Løten kommune

2011 Cultural Rucksack, National Cultural program, secondary school , Barents region

2011 Community Activator, , Ecosisterna Urbano, Dreamhamar2011 Community Activator, , Ecosisterna Urbano, Dreamhamar

2011-2012 The Cultural Rucksack, Stange SFO

2011 Back Drop Mandala, Stoppested verden,

2010-2011  The Cultural Rucksack, 3 secondary schools

2007-2015 Visual Arts Teacher, adults, children, youth, Gustavas kulturfabrikk

2010 Jury, Youth culture Festval UKM 2010

2009, 2010, 2011,2012  Vennergidagen, Fabelaktiv AS  og Enova

2009 2010 Folk University, Hedmark, drawing, painting

2008, 2010, 2011 The Cultural Walking Stick,

2008, 2010 The Cultural Rucksack, sculpture project Hamar

2009 National Creative Healthproject with health workers 2009

2009-2011 The Youth Poetry Festival

2006-2008 Visual Arts Teacher, Hamar Public Art Schol

2008 Exhibition Manager, Youth culture Festival

2008 Jury, Youth culture Festival

2008 Cultural Rucksack, Ringsaker

2008 Re-design of jewelry, Cultural Rucksack, Ringsaker

2008 Cultural Rucksack, Presterud School

2008-2009 MY LIFE-Health Department,  Hedmark College

1994-2008 Arts - and crafts teacher, primary and secondary school , Visual Art Teacher Public Art School, Hamar


2012 Henning Ramseth, mucician and composer, Norway,

2012 Giovanni Matteliano, mucician and composer, Italy


2012 «THE HIPPIE MANDALA», the main stage on Stoppested Verden.

2015 «Phrixus and Helle», Stange kulturskole, turnè med Camilla Kipppersund, Ann- Elin Lium og Malte

2015 Sircus Sign on wood, Stoppested verden 2015.

Theatre / stage direction/ scenography

2010-2015 Hidden Theatre and performances in events and various anniversaries.

2012 All you need is love? Cross over show in Gustavas Cultural factory

2011 Elverum Theatre

2010 Nordbygda Theatre

2008, 2009 Ringsaker Theatre

2008 Desperate Hairdressers, Ringsaker

2008 Nordbygda Theatre, Løten

1997-2002 Hamar Amateur Theatre,

2003, 2004 Mart`n Revy, Hamar

2007-2009 Short and Long, Hamar

2002-2009 School Performances, Hamar and Ringsaker


2008-2009 EU `s Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship, 2008-2009


2012: Hedmarks Cultural Price/ Hedmarksprisen


2013-2015 Medi3, Hamar

2015 Eidsiva AS

2012 Stange Cultural Department

2013-2015 Kønnband festivalen

2012 Hempa primary school, Ringsaker, Norway

2012 Babyfeet AS

2011 , Hamar kommune, Solhellinga 10

2010 SOLVANG primary school

2010 Ajer Secondary school

2009-2010 Norwegian Hostel, Viking Ship Resort

2009-2015 HRU, Hamar Region Development

2009 Greveløkka Primary School

2008-2010 Stoppested verden, International Culture Festival

2005 LATTER AS, Aker Brygge, Oslo

2004-2005 Smedvig AS, Espern , Hamar


2012-2016 Diesen Kulturverksttun

2005-2008 The Board of Directors, various functions, Hamar Art Museum

2000-2004, Hedmark Theatre , Hedmark teater råd

1993-1995 Student Union ,Høgskolen i Hedmark

1989/90 Student Union, Ringsaker videregående

Ongoing projects


LOVE TREE ART, Natioanl Cultural program supported by the Government

Love Street Art, Gustavas Cultural factory


Cultural Rucksack, National Cultural program, secondary school , Barents region

Exhibition, Agora Gallery




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Hilde Gustava Atelier Gustava

3 LINKS to Youtube. Two mucicians and Composers asked to compose Music to some of Hilde Gustava Ovesens paintings:

Nr 1. and 2 is Music and films by Henning Ramseth. Nr.3 is Music made by Giovanni Matteliano and Sicilian Creative Office.



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Hilde Gustava Atelier Gustava

Henning Ramseth skaper musikk til Hilde Gustava Ovesens malerier

Jeg, Hilde Gustava Ovesen, har den glede av å presentere den første teaseren som GULLgutten, den eminente musikeren og kunstneren Henning Ramseth har laget t...



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Hilde Gustava Atelier Gustava

Hilde coll 2 mp4

This is a piece of music, composed to the art of the very talented Hilde Gustava Ovesen. It's on out of several "teasers" for our forthcoming shows! To get t...



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Hilde Gustava Atelier Gustava

Hilde Gustava "Art's colors" music by Giovanni Mattaliano

Two artistic souls joined by the strenght of creativity, Hilde Gustava Ovesen and Giovanni Mattaliano, she has Norvegian and he has Sicilian origin they brin...