fabrikksjefen.jpgHilde Gustava Ovesen, born 27.11.70
Multi-artist Fine art-instructor Manager, Gustavas Culture Factory

Hilde Gustava Ovesen is a multi-artist, but are most of the time occupied with painting and sculpturing. As a visual artist, she has several decoration commissions and exhibitions. Her signature is a rich pallet of colors and texture with a narrative expression.

Nowadays she is about to finish a commission in a secondary school “The sound of youth”, using text from the young hands upon Hilde Gustavas paintings upon wooden pieces of book shelters and bed gables. The 12.th August the Major of Hamar and the director of the cultural department in Hamar opened the exhibition with Spanish - Dutch Marion Henke in the city Townhall. Hilde Gustava is painter-/ sculpture- artist, drama teacher, fine art-instructor, stage director and

Instructor in theatres: Last directing job was in connection with the Ringsaker Theater 10-year anniversary, as well as consultancy to the different of theater groups. Hilde is an actor, lyrics writer, scenograf, choreographer and (former) dancer in many local performance in shows. Hilde is an entertainer in the agency “U8”, and she has also set up several performances and theatreshows with Geir Ove Ovesen, writer, stand-up comedian and artist for radio, television and stand-up-scenes.

Ovesen is also involved in the festivals as artistic administrator, performing arts and coordinator. Such as the International Cultural Festival "Stoppested Verden" (www.stoppestedverden.no), music festival "Under the Bridge 2008" (www.underbrua.no), Nordic Culture Camp "Camp O8" (www.camp08.no). In May she is participating in two festival, one art-workshop with re-design ( www.stoppestedverden.no ) and one “crossover workshop” in a Jazz-festival ( www.anjazz.no ) with cooperation with an Indian tambala-artistkreativ.jpg.

Hilde Gustava Ovesen has worked fourteen years as arts and crafts teacher in Hamar Cultural Public School and in other schools. .

Otherwise, Hilde Gustava had a several assignments in connection with the “Cultural Rucksack” (National Cultural and Artistic Educational Program), f.ex on Greveløkka School, with "The seven magical sculptures". 150 students used recycling materials, scrap and waste to create 7 sculptures trips up to 3.80 m height and 0.80 m circumference. Nowadays she is managing a pilot project which include elderly (85-98 years) working with youngsters (14-15 years) in secondary school. They are going to work together over 6 weeks in workshops of singing and painting – ending in a public exhibition and performance in December. Ovesens art has always originating from the overall theme she is concerned: The difficult, fragile and thus often comical dialogue between people in all levels and occupations. What are we so afraid of? And most of all: WHY?? Norwegians are known for their restrictions and limitations of themselves as individuals. It is hard not to be mainstream. But why are we so afraid of not being mainstream if it only makes us unhappy and depressed. Norwegians is on top –lists of getting medical help for depression. Solution maybe: building bridges of open minds, self –irony, humor and of course; love! Between cultures, countries, religions, generations and individuals. ( IMAGINE!)

Activities and involvement mentioned above has resulted in the Gustavas Culture Factory

(www.gustavaskulturfabrikk.no) in Hamar, Norway: "a cultural oasis for the youngest to the eldest." Now there has been classes for 4- 98 year olds) The opening ( 12.03.08) was celebrated with including the Mayor of Hamar and the head of the cultural department painted an abstract painting by along with a classical song for children .

Gustavas Cultural Factory has now grown throughout the past years as a cultural substitute of importance. Many people both private individuals, companies, event-agencies, schools and public administration .has discovered and appreciate the wide and exclusive classes and events.

Hilde Gustava Ovesen long for bringing her art out of the border - and hope for others to see the art -and themselves- with humor, love and relief; we are only human..;-))

Each painting is crafted in stages, beginning with acrylic paint and later employing an assortment of unusual media such as paper rags, sand, collagen, and timeworn steel. Layer after layer is applied, working the surface until finally stencils or fine lines are sprayed or etched into the damp paint. Her imagery exudes an earthy elegance, reliant upon the powerful movement of outsized shapes and the patterns, numbers, and letters peeking from the edges. "With the multifarious mix of material, the nearly sculptural character and all the secret hints, the paintings take viewers on an enthralling voyage of discovery into the world of the unconscious and the emotions," she state.


Diverse kurs og aktiviteter

 Gustavas kulturfabrikk tilrettelegger kurs for enkeltpersoner, venner, familier, institusjoner og næringsliv, hjemme hos den enkelte, på arbeidsplassen eller i Gustavas kulturfabrikk sine lokaler.
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Kreativ skriving / muntlig formidling

 Det ligger mange uferdige taler, dikt og festsanger i skap og skuffer rundt omkring. Noen bør kanskje tas fram og bearbeides og pusses på? Har du ambisjoner om å skrive en minneverdig tale om et gitt tema?
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Drama / teatersport

 Drama og teatersport er først og fremst morsomt samspill, men du får mer på kjøpet! Du utvikler og utforsker samarbeidsegenskaper og empati, problemløsning og kreativitet, bevisstgjøring av stemmebruk og kroppsspråk.
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Kreativt håndarbeid

 Har du lyst til å lage dine egne kreasjoner uten å måtte være ekspert på å sy, strikke og tråkle? Har du lyst til å komme på fest med noe som er helt unikt, og som du har laget?


 Synes du det er vanskelig å finne noe som er deg? Eller har du lyst til å designe og lage et smykke til en venn eller kjæreste som har din signatur?
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Maling / tegning

 Alle har et forhold til maling og tegning. Hos Gustavas kulturfabrikk kan du velge kurs ut i fra ditt ståsted, og dine ønsker. Vil du lære å tegne mennesker, natur eller dyr? Eller kanskje du vil male intuitivt? Vil du lære ulike teknikker innen tegneredskaper?
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